Why are free community healing events so important?

Sacramental medicine ceremonies are the consummate expression of Mother Earth’s path to higher consciousness, deep healing, and communion with the Divine. Sacramental 5-MeO-DMT communion with the Divine indeed is the seminal act of our entheogenic faith, but it must be known that sacramental initiation isn’t the end and be all of our practice at the Temple of Eden. Community is also of paramount importance. The fact that it’s not uncommon for people to register for ceremonies not because they need more sacraments, but because they crave being with the community.

It is important that Bufo participants don’t consume more medicine than they can psychologically and spiritually assimilate and integrate between ceremonies. This is why we have decided that offering free community events are crucial. By providing space for participants to join in energetic alignment, love, and fellowship that greatly facilitates integration, individuation, and ultimately wholeness and healing. This is as true for the Temple of Eden as it is for any other faith organization. The Temple does have costs and donations are required for our monthly sacramental ceremonies but our community events are free. It is our sincere desire to provide space for fellowship, friend-making, sharing tasty healthy food, and creating alignments of energy in common purpose free of charge on a regular basis. Creating a space where all are welcome!

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