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Seeing is Believing

You may still have questions and we couldn’t possibly answer them all here. You’re welcome to reach out to any of our team members or attend a ceremony to get any additional questions answered.

What is Temple of Eden's Sacrament

Our sacrament is 5-MEO-DMT, a powerful entheogen, or Divine Medicine. Also known as Bufo, it is the glandular secretion of Bufo Alvarius, the Sonoran Desert Toad.  We believe that Divine Love and Divine Intelligence surrounds us always! We have found, as did our ancient ancestors, that this most sacred medicine, this gift of the Toad, allows us the profound experience of transcending ego-illusion, allowing us to rise into the 12th dimensional Angelic Light plane and bringing us into the presence of the Divine Creation, Divine Love and Divine Intelligence.  This is our sacred Offering.

What will I experience when I take the sacrament?

In its highest expression consciousness, Bufo can take the participant into the journey spaces of higher consciousness. A common experience is what is termed in the Sanskrit word, Samadhi. This is one of those experiences that defy expression into words, but let’s try. Samadhi is a non-dualistic state of consciousness in which the perception of the experiencing mind perceives the subject of its attention such that it becomes one with the object, but does not so totally merge into non-duality so as to cause the subject observed to lose form completely and is therefore able to observe and gain insight into the changing flow of experience. In the West, these experiences are often described as Union with God or Christ Consciousness. The hallmark of this experience in the context of a Bufo journey is the death or transcendence of Ego. The loss of the grasping, separatist Egoistic consciousness allows us perceive our place in all Creation, that we are not separate from it, but an integral part of it, in the universe’s dance of separation and oneness, Bufo Samadhi is the point of view which see’s both the oneness and individual manifestation of things simultaneously, and the value of each to the other.

Commonly the answer is “It’s so beautiful I can’t put it into words.”  A loss for words might be expected when being asked to describe a visit to the Divine. Many who endeavor to put it in words describe it as a journey as through a transcendent world of Gods, Buddhas and Angels. Visionary hallucinations are rare, but an experience of being surrounded by a vast field of fractal white light and having feelings of unconditional love and being wrapped in a profound sense of deep comfort and safety. When returning to baseline consciousness the majority of participants feel a sense that they have been healed in some way.  Some even tell of receiving what they describe as divine messages.

These beautiful experiences truly are what usually happens.  But to tell the whole truth, it must be added that ego-death and transcendence can precipitate intense feelings that some find unpleasant. With the sacramental dissolution of ego, temporary as it might be, the barrier between conscious feeling and suppressed trauma and shadow material can bring up a catharsis of tears, feelings of depersonalization and feelings of anger, to name a few.  The sacrament at very least can be intensely disorienting for some.  Again, unpleasant experiences are not the norm, but also aren’t infrequent. These kinds of feelings are very temporary and attended to by the experienced Temple staff who will be holding space with you.  Frequently the problem of unpleasant experiences is caused by the ego’s unwillingness to surrender to the sacramental process. This is why the advice to surrender is well considered.  But sometimes, try as we might, ego is unwilling to surrender, and this then becomes the primary focus of the sacrament’s healing route: surrender! Healing can be painful, just as it can be exhilarating, awesome and beautiful. But in the end healing and enlightenment is the purpose of our church and we consider it Divine, however it comes.

How do I prepare myself to take sacrament?

Refrain from sex 3-4 days prior ceremony.

Avoid for 7 days prior to ceremony:

  • Recreational drugs
  • Prescription drugs (3 days before) *
  • Alcohol
  • Meat
  • Spices
  • Violent entertainment
  • Sex
  • Nicotine
  • Pregnant women may not consume the Sacrament

*Note: Persons must not have Serotonin or MAO inhibitors, anti-depressants, or any kind of blood pressure medication in their bloodstream. It is not safe for people with high blood pressure, heart problems, lung problems or psychiatric issues to take the Sacrament. Everyone intending to take Sacrament will be having their blood pressure checked before the ceremony.

You say the Sacrament comes from a toad. Are they endangered?

Because Bufo Alvarius is the source of our Divine Sacrament, we not only care for them gently and carefully, but reverently. We believe the Toads are a Sacred emissary of the Divine Creator. According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature Bufo Alvarius conservation status is Least Concern.

What does the Temple of Eden's ceremony involve?

Check-in begins at 10 a.m., please arrive no later than 10:30am. We ask all participants to stay until the end of our ceremony (5 p.m.) for the integration and closing circle. For safety, we will check blood pressure and heart rate and you will be asked to sign a release of liability waiver and a photo release. Participants that do not want to be photographed are excluded from signing the photo release. 

Ceremony begins at 11 a.m. sharp, no late entry will be allowed. If you need to reschedule, please let us know, we will issue you a credit for a future ceremony.    

If you are experiencing a fever, flu like symptoms or have been exposed to anyone who has tested positive for Covid-19, please do not attend our ceremony. We will issue you a credit for a future ceremony.








Our ceremony schedule:

  • Check-in with signing of waivers and checking of vitals
  • Introduction with questions and answers
  • Sharing of intentions
  • Group photo
  • Protection and cleansing ritual
  • Opening prayer
  • Breathwork
  • Administering of our sacrament
  • Lunch
  • Integration and closing circle

Additional items

  • We do not charge for the medicine, but your donation goes towards meals, accommodations and travel expenses for practitioners and volunteers.
  • No children, pets, or non-participants are allowed. (NO EXCEPTIONS)
  • This is a sacred space and we do not allow spectators
  • We do not allow cellphones or any filming in our ceremony space
  • The use of any drugs during the ceremony is strictly prohibited.
  • Remember that this is a time and place for healing and to reconnect, not a recreational getaway.
  • Please remember to try your best to arrive in surrender mode. It is normal to feel anxious or even scared. Just remember to breathe and to trust the divine process. You are welcome to have a set intention (or not) just please dissolve expectations and be open to whatever messages, healing or energies our sacrament will offer you.

Why do we choose to use organic 5meo-DMT for our sacrament instead of synthetic?

We have found that many of those from the scientifically minded tribe have trouble understanding the spiritual aspects of our Bufo sacrament. We hold, from experience, that the spiritual elements of  entheogens cannot be deduced or created in a laboratory. Although we have the highest regard for the scientific tradition, our contention is that science’s brutal objective-materialist approach to truth seeking makes it ill suited to proffer opinions about spirituality. As has been acknowledged by a growing number of physicians, scientists and psychologists who have come to understand, through their subjective experience with the sacrament, the role that natural process plays in bringing us our sacred medicine. Our sacrament is more that just chemistry!

This brings us to the question of synthetic versus the natural form of 5-MEO-DMT; is there a difference? We believe that there is. The sterile, rarefied molecule produced in a laboratory no doubt produces an intense simulated experience of the sacrament, but we argue that this experience is akin to the difference between a photograph and actual natural sight. It is easy to be mesmerized by a vivid photograph, but it does not take the place of actual seeing. Our sacramental molecule evolved in nature for millions of years. And in particular, by the hibernation dreams of our chubby sacred toad friend, who before emerging from their ancient habit of sleeping beneath the ground for months on end in the earthy womb of Mother Nature, finally emerge with their sacred gift to us. The molecule is the product of the processes of life; evolved deep in the soil. The intelligence of life, we call Soul. And soul can only be experienced by an individual. Soul; the foundation of the person, with the medicine bearing a unique message to the soul of the person, as a mother nurtures the unique person that is her child, so does our sacrament to us. We believe it cannot be replicated in a laboratory, but can in an artificial form create a convincing but ultimately misleading false experience. 

Which we feel is important to say. 

Therefore, we hold that Spirituality is a force of nature, of the individual and of the Earth, which cannot as a sacrament be synthetically made. This is our steadfast belief. Here we stand.

What's the difference between public ceremonies and a private session?

The Temple of Eden offers two types of Ceremony—private and public.

Private ceremonies involve one to ten participants and are tailored for either the needs of a single participant or for a self-selected group of participants, such as a family or a circle of friends. Currently, all private ceremonies are being held as house calls and only in the following counties:

  • Los Angeles
  • Orange
  • Ventura
  • Riverside
  • San Bernardino.

As part of our future development plans, we are seeking to acquire a physical location to do all ceremonies, but until then, home arrangements will have to be made.

Private ceremonies are for those who require a closer interaction with Priestess Suzi Kalypso and her team, wishing for more time with personal integration and spiritual counseling. Private ceremonies are also ideal for people who wish to control the energetic dynamic of the session by choosing who will attend with them. A private ceremony is also highly recommended for people who have serious trauma backgrounds.

Public ceremonies are for those who seek a more communal and social experience. Our public ceremonies are open to all that medically qualify (most people). Public ceremonies provide a fellowship, community experience for connection and celebration of like-minded people. Creating a beautiful environment for group space holding and meeting people. Public ceremonies are often held outdoors in a pleasing natural environment. We begin each public ceremony with an amazing breathwork session.

One public ceremony is scheduled per month for up to twenty-five participants.

Free monthly integration zoom meetings are available to all participants.


What does a "Return back to my innocence" mean?

The dharma of Eden is the path of fresh and higher spiritual insights. One of the great healing insights bestowed by our sacrament is the insight of Return to Innocence. Mastery of the Insight of Innocence is crucially important on our path because it is a point of view that allows for forgiveness. So many people have their contact with divinity and psychological healing blocked by a sincere inability to forgive others, and to forgive themselves. Return to innocence is the position of consciousness that allows us forgiveness, both for ourselves and others. Mother Earth’s ugly toad again gives us the simple miracle of love that the Innocent Mind provides. Innocence is a gateway to forgiveness because it is a return to our original state, to the re-enactment of our original Creation and Being, beyond mere personal experience. The Return to Eden. 

We were all born innocent. But being born into needy, pain and pleasure producing bodies as we are, we begin to accumulate memories which are often unpleasant and even traumatic (not to mention desire and addiction producing pleasant ones). In the sacramental presence of the Divine our point of view is momentarily cleansed of experience, so we can see through the distortions of mind and experience and see ourselves and others as we truly are—Divine! From this vantage point, whatever addictions, relationship mistakes, incarcerations, prejudices, sicknesses, traumas, injustices that you have experienced or perpetrated dissolve and drop away. Innocence is what is real. It is the truth, and the memories are not. This view, this experience of Innocence, even for a few minutes, becomes the basis of that Divine Healing, which is forgiveness. Blessed be the Toad!

Will the Temple of Eden's Sacrament cure all my problems?

As you begin your sacramental journey it is important to understand that 5-MeO-DMT, like other entheogens, is not a miraculous panacea for all that ails you. The spirit of the medicine is a powerful healer for sure, and will show you hidden things about yourself, others and the world (and even God and the universe!). It will guide you to the unconscious and unresolved sources of your grief, rage, anxiety and depression. Our sacramental medicine can reveal to you what you need to see, and offer insight as to how to heal, forgive and be strong in your true-self. What it can’t do is perform the necessary work you need to accomplish these things. This you must do yourself. The medicine can be a wise counselor, a mentor, a guardian—but it is you, and only you, that must accept the responsibility of your own healing journey. Often, the first thing the sacrament shows us is that the journey to healing is the core work of our life, the path that shows us, through its rigors, who we are and sometimes even the actual meaning of our lives.

The medicine shows us the hidden places that are calling out. Like neglected orphan children inside. Calling out for attention, recognition, and healing. Calling out to reveal the unwanted feelings and memories they hold. Emotions from events in our lives (and past-lives) that, however painful, when we lovingly accept and integrate, bring us to wholeness, peace and the place where our truth can blossom. The path of genuine happiness. The medicine can show us these parts and point us in the right direction on our journey, but only we can take the journey. This is why we so often say that Bufo isn’t a magic bullet, and that half of the process of the journey is on the mat, the other half is the hard work of being true to your journey wisdom and integrating what you have learned. And usually, it is not more medicine that is needed for that, but rather the need for more integration work and self-care.

What does it mean to have an "Ego Death?"

The most essential aspect of our Bufo (5Meo-Dmt) Sacrament is its ability to induce Ego Death. Talking about death might seem scary or morbid, but Ego Death is a great blessing. To begin with, the “death” in Ego Death is a feeling, not a happening, which is to say, in Ego Death, there is no physical death. Ego Death is rising above the conditioned false consciousness of the Ego. To your Ego, this feels like death, to your Soul it feels like liberation! Blessed be to the toad!

Now again, we ask, “What is ego?” The ego is a product of an evolutionary process. It is a survival mechanism. The ego cares about nothing but its survival and perpetuation. The ego is a tangle of paranoid and delusional lies, about itself, about you, about others, about everything! The journey to Ego Death is surrendering into the Medicine of our Earth Mother and her mud baby Toad, which will instantly lift you out of the babbling snares and cul-de-sacs of the Ego and its dark dreams of fabricated terror that can seem so real but are not. The Ego creates endless distortions of reality. Its reason for being is fear. Ego’s greatest fear is death. Our Sacrament’s first healing act is to launch us past the barrier of egoic terror, and for some precious brief minutes into the illuminated realm of endless Peace and Eternal Love. The place that heals. The place that cleanses. The place that enlightens. Our Blessed Toad journey takes us home again. Home to the place of Creation and Creator. Of God and Goddess. Of Christs and Buddhas. Home again for a brief sweet time, to the place that has been called Heaven, Nirvana, the golden Fields of Elysium. It is a journey to the place of Source; the place we go to die is the same place we go to be born. Bless our Sacrament which gives a glimpse of home. The Journey back to Source is the journey back home. Bless the Toad!

Why is there a "No Touch Policy" during my Sacramental journey?

Suzi Kalypso is an entheogenic priestess, a practitioner of the Sacred 5-MEO-DMT Sacrament. She, along with her Temple colleagues are people who have been called to be of service with this Divine Sacrament. Most important and always at the forefront of our minds is the creation of a physically, emotionally and spiritually safe container as you proceed along in your journey into your sacred, divine and holy eternal self—through ego-death and spiritual re-birth. As facilitators and officers of the church we are not Shamans that will follow you into the multidimensional realms and slay your demons for you. We are not your saviors… In reality, our sacrament places a mirror before of you so you might glimpse your Divine Self in all its shadows and contradictions. We take our work as facilitators to be a sacred honor and responsibility. As such, we have given our procedures and approach a great deal of consideration. We see it as our primary task to maintain safety. Our philosophy is to allow your journey to unfold naturally. We practice a doctrine of non-interference with respect to your journey and process which is as you surrender, we allow. We only intervene when a matter of safety is at hand. We also have, for emotional security, a no-touch policy, which means we refrain from any touching that isn’t necessary for safety, or is not requested or initiated by the participant. Safety is our priority. We are thankful for our safety record and maybe more than anything else grateful for your trust in us.

I would like to take the Sacrament, but I am afraid… How do I get over my fear?

The decision to receive the 5-MeO-DMT sacrament is an important decision, and not one to be taken lightly. As with any serious choice a bit of nervousness, and even outright fear can intrude on the situation. It is, at least at the outset, important to listen to your fear. What is it telling you?

It is critical that you understand your feelings because the Sacrament is an incredibly powerful medicine, and is not for everybody, not at all times anyway. So listen to your emotions and deepest feelings, and if they say ‘no’ it could be that the time isn’t right yet. Maybe later. Maybe never. But if after sincere soul searching you feel that you are ready to take the Sacramental Journey if you feel ready to touch the Divine, then you must realize that such an experience will cause you to change; and as is so often the case, the prospect of change stimulates fears.

There are two fears associated with Bufo: The fear that says “don’t do it” and the fear of change. If your fear is the first, Bufo may not be for you, not now anyway. If it’s the second, Bufo may be for you. Indeed, the fear might be telling you it is time to change, it is time to heal! Are you ready to change? Buried traumas are often the source of distorted perceptions and maladaptive behaviors such as addictions or allowing yourself to be enmeshed in toxic relationships. The Bufo experience brings us very close to these hiding and wounded parts of ourselves. Something which can trigger a lot of anticipatory shame and trepidation. The antidote to this perfectly natural reaction is, as we so often say, surrender. But what we perhaps don’t say enough is trust. Because what the Sacrament is guiding you to is an encounter with the Divine Source, a place of transcendent love.

In this encounter defensive triggers of shame and fear are the first things that are healed and replaced with dignity and safety. Which allows the Divine Source access to the darker more guarded and intractable Shadow wounds for healing. The prerequisite to this is the individual participant’s free will choice to trust, to surrender.

What happens after the Sacramental journey with Bufo?

The initial Bufo journey, which lasts 15 minutes or so, is just the beginning of the sacred path of 5-MeO-DMT. The consumption of the sacrament is the breakthrough phase, the opening of the Ego defined, Ego distorted, ego-conditioned view of reality. In the ensuing days, weeks, and months after the sacrament’s passage through the veil of Ego’s mirror maze of illusions, it will begin to bring you to the insights needed for your self-realization. What most of us don’t realize is that perhaps 80% of our mind is unconscious. We do not know 80% of what we are thinking or envisioning, except when it erupts in dreams when profoundly bonded with nature, or through certain intense artistic experiences and the shadow side of our darker nature.

With Bufo, the doors to the unknown fathoms of the unconscious often open wide when the familiar Ego distorting processes dissolve. As the blocks to ourselves in wholeness are removed the opportunity to re-imagine and re-create ourselves in profound, healing, and spiritual ways emerge. In time you might reach out and touch the face of your own truest self, the face of your very soul. But to gain that sense of true self requires awareness made of insightful integration of your newly discovered selves. This is the first initiation of the Temple aspirant. The pieces of a puzzle that when completed is the new, authentic you. Fully realized, known, and expressed. The one that you have been for so many years and lifetimes waiting to emerge; waiting once again to form your truer and someday truest self. Created, and once again re-created.

What is the Temple of Eden fellowship?

The Temple of Eden Ceremony is our monthly offering to those who have heard our message of love and feel called to join us in a sacred celebration of our Sacrament, and as a coming together in Fellowship of like-minded individuals, in witness of the healing that our Divine Sacrament bestows upon us, and upon all that are called with the courage to proceed. We are a community that acknowledges that spiritual evolution for each person goes along with a willingness to heal deeply. We hold that healing need not be an isolated ‘Dark Night of the Soul’. We hold that having the support of others is important and sometimes essential. Fellowship at the Temple of Eden is, we believe, the sacred space and expanding sacred container we as Divine Souls create between us and within us, through time and incarnation, working together by the transcendent lamplight of communion with our Holy Sacrament (5-MEO-DMT), the gift of Mother Nature’s Toad.

Read Enough? Your Healing Awaits.

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