Facilitator Training Program

The Temple of Eden is an entheogenic church; we are registered as a 508 (c)(1)(a) non-profit religious institution in the state of California. As an entheogenic church, we are a holder of the Sacred Toad Medicine, 5-MEO-DMT, which we believe to be a sacred elixir and healing gift of Mother Earth. Our mission is to provide a means and a container to those who feel called and are able to join in a ceremonial journey with the Divine, and to receive the healing benefits of the higher consciousness that 5-MeO-DMT (Bufo) offers. As part of our outreach to those who are called to serve and able, we wish to announce that we are going to be offering a 6-month facilitator training course in medicine service and the skill-sets needed to safely and consciously serve the Sacrament (including physical and psychological safety, as well as the legalities and spiritual aspects of our mission). Enrollment will be limited to ten students. The teacher will be Suzi Kalypso, who as the first Priestess and founder of the Temple of Eden has not only facilitated over a thousand ceremonies, both private and public, but has maintained the successful functioning of the Temple since its inception. The course will not only stress proper procedural aspects of service, but also stress proper values of service, such as compassion, inclusion, confidentiality and honesty.

Our noble endeavor is to provide unwavering support and guidance to our brothers and sisters who shall be beckoned to embark upon their sacred service. It is our sense that as the Toad Sacrament molecule continues to move into the mainstream it will be likely commandeered and subsumed by conventional clinical research and practice. But, because of this we feel we have a duty as an etheogenic church to protect and maintain our sacred medicine gift of Mother Earth in its spiritual capacity, as a divine giver of healing and higher consciousness, which we believe is out of reach of most clinical paradigms. At the Temple of Eden, we are dedicated to the cultivation of a profound spiritual healing heritage, one that shall be passed down to future generations as a sacred legacy. 

Registration is now officially open!

The tuition for our 6-month training course is $6,555.

What's Included?

The course includes:
  • CPR/BLS certification
  • Sacramental Pipe
  • Initiation Ceremony with serving of. the Sacrament
  • Assisting in 15 Private Ceremonies
  • Bi-weekly 2 Hr Zoom lessons
  • Trauma informed
  • Hands on Practice and Training
  • Graduation Ceremony with serving of Sacrament
  • 108 Page Facilitator Training Manual
  • Certification from Temple of Eden

Schedule for 6-month course

  • Each trainee will need to assist Priestess Kalypso in private ceremonies. The schedule for the private ceremonies is flexible and can be adjusted to accommodate the availability of each of the assistants.
  • Assisting in at least 10-15 private ceremonies is ideal for completion of course requirements.
  • CPR/BLS training will be pre-paid in advance, allowing trainees to schedule classes at their convenience.
  • Zoom lessons – each lesson will be 60-90 minutes long
  • Bi-weekly lessons

Important dates

  • August 8th, Thursday 7pm – Introduction Zoom
  • August 10th, Saturday 3:30pm – Initiation Ceremony, Costa Mesa, CA
  • August 22nd, Thursday 7pm – Zoom
  • September 5th, Thursday 7pm – Zoom
  • September 19th, Thursday 7pm – Zoom
  • October 10th, Thursday 7pm – Zoom
  • October 24th, Thursday 7pm – Zoom
  • November 7th, Thursday 7pm – Zoom
  • November 21st, Thursday 7pm – Zoom
  • December 5th, Thursday 7pm – Zoom
  • December 19th, Thursday 7pm – Zoom
  • January 9th, Thursday 7pm – Zoom
  • January 16th, Thursday 7pm – Zoom
  • January 18th, Saturday 3:30pm – Graduation Ceremony, Costa Mesa, CA