Is there a certain number of sacramental ceremonies I should attend before I am finished with the process?

This is an often-asked question by Ceremonial Recipients. Truthfully, there is no easy answer. Indeed, in the end, only the individual Sacramental Recipient can answer the question. The first quick answer might be that it depends on the intentions set by the Recipient. Are they being met? The thing here is that the movement through the integration process can change those original intentions, in fact, sometimes the process voids the need for intentions entirely. One critical consideration is to be aware of how complete integration is from the last Journey. What did the sacrament show you? What insights? What hidden things were revealed for healing and self-acceptance? What is being shown about the people in your life? Once these things are shown (and whatever else) a process begins so what was revealed can be harmoniously integrated into your psychological system, or what some call Soul Retrieval. Perhaps the fundamental answer to the question is—How is your integration going?

As part of the Temple’s aftercare program, mandatory Zoom integration meetings are held on the first Thursday of each month and are required if you want to continue with further Temple ceremonies. If you feel extremely overwhelmed by your integration process, we recommend that you consult a professional counselor who is familiar with entheogenic integration (we have a practitioner list). When you feel your healing and spiritual intentions are resolved, then perhaps you won’t need to journey as much, or at all. Those who have more complex trauma systems, or who find 5-MeO-DMT a useful dharma tool on their spiritual path, might want another Ceremony. Whatever the case, there will always be a cycle created by taking the path of the Sacramental Journey: beginning with the Journey itself, followed by a phase of psychological/spiritual integration, that can last days, weeks, months, or even years. Finally followed by a completed integration of the elements of the particular Journey(s). With completion, the Recipient might consider whether they want another Sacramental Ceremony and another Journey through the Integration Cycle. What this completion looks like for any individual can be discussed with entheogenic facilitators and counselors. People may also feel the need to deepen their process to better grasp their current integration and may opt to go deeper into an ongoing incomplete integration cycle.

Ultimately, whether or not to Journey, and how many times, is a decision only the Recipient can make in consultation with themselves. We strongly recommend that you plan a 30-day interval between ceremonies to allow your integration to level out.

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