Health Advisory

The Temple of Eden is an equal opportunity organization, and does not allow discrimination based  upon age, sex, ethnicity, ancestry, gender, national origins, disability, race, size, religion (or creed), sexual orientation, or socio-economic background.

While The Temple of Eden holds firmly to the above stated principles of non-discrimination for all of our upcoming non-sacramental events and services.  Generally, the same non-discriminatory standards will apply to sacramental ceremonies (ceremonies where Bufo sacrament is served) the following exceptions are, for reasons of health and safety, necessary.

1)  The use of any substance containing MAO Inhibitors/SSR Inhibitors is strictly prohibited.  Bufo when combined with MAOI/SSRI can cause a rapid and dangerous elevation of blood pressure and heart rate—and this can be fatal!  MAOI/SSRI are very common ingredients in anti-depressant medications, so please check with your doctor about the safety of your medications when mixed with Bufo sacrament.

2) For related reasons some people with high blood pressure are also excluded.  People with blood pressure over 160 systolic will be excluded (b/p will be checked as part of our intake process).  People that have been diagnosed with heart conditions will also be unable to attend sacramental ceremonies.  People with severe circulatory conditions should know that Bufo is a strong vasoconstrictor and not only raises blood pressure but can cause blood clots in people with certain cardio-vascular ailments. Again, with any situation involving health and medical issues it is strongly advised that you consult a physician before consuming the sacrament.

3)  Next, we want to advise that you discontinue the use of testosterone or peptide supplements, as these substances can greatly inhibit and significantly diminish the efficacy and potency of the medicine.

4) It must be stressed that 5-MEO-DMT (Bufo) has powerful psycho-active properties.  It has been reported that Bufo has been effective in healing issues from trauma, addictions and people in spiritual crisis.  But please be advised that 5-MEO-DMT is not necessarily right for everyone at all times.  Your mental health must be up to the incredible journey the God Molecule offers.  With consideration for your wellbeing, we prohibit anyone with the following psychiatric diagnoses: schizophrenia, bi-polar disorder, and severe dissociative disorders.  This goes for Spiritual experiences as well as psychological.

With its insights, 5-MEO-DMT (Bufo) can cause participants to become ungrounded, can bring to the fore suppressed, unhealed feelings (Shadow work), and experiences of re-activation.  Suffice to say, that you must feel mentally and emotionally stable at the time of the Ceremony.  Again, it is important to reiterate that we at Temple of Eden conscientiously take all the precautions within our power, but we are not doctors or psychiatrists and not qualified and do not involve ourselves in the diagnosis or treatment of any disorder, whether medical or psychiatric.  We do have a free Zoom integration group meeting held on the first Thursday of each month where participants have an opportunity to talk about their experiences in a safe, supportive environment.  We also have a list of resources available if additional support is needed.