The Necessity of 5-MEO-DMT (Bufo) Churches

As it has been with other sacred entheogens, the future of 5-MeO-DMT (Bufo) will no doubt follow the medical models now emerging as Ketamine clinics or, on the other hand, as the growing trend toward ever more commodious Bufo luxury resorts in tropical places for the wealthy. This is all okay with us; anywhere the medicine benefits human beings has our blessing. But we at the Temple of Eden believe that the Elixir of the Toad is a sacred substance, a sacrament, and a portal to healing and to the Divine, which we further believe requires a community to support its flourishing and accessibility. For us a Church, a Temple is none but a community of like-minded and divinely inspired people. The beautiful thing about a church is that it is established by its members locally. It is personal, and therefore sensitive to and aware of the needs of each individual in the sacred community. Also, very important, it can be kept affordable, so that it can be offered to people of modest means.

We believe that as patriarchal hierarchies continue to transform and diminish, and with the dawn of a more egalitarian society our church can perhaps be a sanctuary and source of healing for the many people who carry religious trauma, and who were quite literally told to “fear God.” Informed by the experiences of Divinity that our Sacrament bestows, we hope to be a sanctuary for those who have suffered religious trauma of the soul; or any kind of trauma. The Old Religion was built to tell us “who God is.” Perhaps through our entheogenic practices, we will let God tell us who God is, which when spoken, may be an incredibly beautiful experience, not a fearful one. All in the safety and divine power of our Temple, our Church.

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