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The Temple of Eden is a community of spiritualist who seek communion with Divine Creation. Our Sacrament, 5-MEO-DMT, is a powerful entheogen (divine medicine) derived from the Sonoran Desert Toad, Bufo Alvarius. We believe that the ceremonial use of this Sacrament makes connection with Divine Source possible. Temple of Eden offers the Sacrament to all who are ready. We are a place to nourish our souls. A place of peace and healing. A place for deeper connection with Earth, the Cosmos, our ancestors, and our profound Inner-Self. We welcome all who feel called to join us in experiencing this source of Divine Power.

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You don’t have to participate in ceremony to join our cause. We provide our sacrament free-of-charge to all who seek healing. Your contribution covers expenses of the Temple of Eden and our skilled facilitators.

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