Sacred Toad Ceremonies

July 27, 2024

  • Costa Mesa, California
  • 10am – 5pm
  • 20 participants max
  • Age 21+

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The minimum contribution is $350.00 per person, anything that is gifted in excess of the required minimum will go towards our scholarship fund $350.00

July 27, 2024

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Our holy sacrament is 5-MEO-DMT (Bufo) a powerful entheogen, or Divine Medicine. Also known as Bufo, it is the glandular secretions of Bufo Alvarius, the Sonoran Desert Toad. We believe that Divine Love and Divine Intelligence surrounds us always! We have found that this most sacred medicine, this gift from the Toad, allows us the profound experience of transcending ego-illusion, allowing us to rise into the 12th dimensional Angelic Light plane and bringing us into the presence of the Divine Creation, Divine Love and Divine Intelligence.

  • Costa Mesa, California
  • This ceremony will be held inside a yoga studio
  • 10am-5pm
  • 20 participants max
  • Chef prepared Vegan dishes
  • Breathwork
  • Free post integration

Our public ceremonies are not for individuals with severe trauma, please contact us for a private session.

All registered 1st time participants must attend the mandatory pre-ceremony zoom meeting.

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For your safety, we require all participants complete an Intake form at least 7-days prior to attending a sacred healing ceremony with Temple of eden.