Sacred Toad Ceremonies

April 18-21, 2024 – 3-Day Illumination Retreat

  • Aqua Dulce, CA
  • 3-day retreat, April 18-21, 2024
  • Age 21+


April 18-21, 2024 – 3-Day Illumination Retreat

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The Temple of Eden is excited to announce our first three day Illumination Retreat, April 18 – 21 in beautiful Agua Dulce, California. Illumination will be an intensive retreat that takes the prepared participant into a more expanded experience of self-discovery, deep healing, and the radiant joy of basking in the ego-transcendent Divine Love of the Creator. All provided through the sacred use of our Holy Toad Sacrament, 5-MeO-DMT (Bufo).  The organization of retreats and ceremonies for the purpose of healing and spiritual enlightenment through the service of our Holy Sacrament is a major aspect of our mission as a temple, as explicitly stated in our charter. Illumination will also include guided meditation, prayer, connection to ancestors and methods of integrating experiences of higher consciousness into our earthly psyche. We will be conjuring in these three days of luminescence, the Light of Infinite Divinity, which has the power to penetrate and reveal the hidden mirrors of our darkest clandestine selves. Allowing us to excavate, see, and heal the unknown sides of ourselves and allowing us to have revealed before us our glorious and divine True Selves. Illumination, ironically, causes a journey through the shadow side of ourselves, a light guided journey to healing and spiritual awakening. It has been said: “From the deepest darkness comes the most beautiful light.” It is common, as part of the integration process to receive helpful love messages from our deceased loved ones and  ancestors; as well as possible visions from high vibration Spirit Guides and glimpses into our Akashic Record.
10 bedroom house with 15 beds available.

Pricing Details

Registration is now open, space is limited.
Send a $500 non-refundable deposit to hold your spot.

Shared Rooms

  • $1,500 per person if paid in full for shared rooms (10 beds available)

Private Rooms

  • $2,000 per person if paid in full for private room (6 rooms available)

Private Rooms for Couples

  • $3,300 per couple if paid in full for private room. Couples receive a discount if booked together.
Donations go towards the operational costs to run our church. We do not charge for the Sacrament or services provided.

Payment and Deposit Information

Please send deposit/payments through:
In subject line, please only put your name and the words illumination retreat.

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